Matching wine to food is increasingly popular among discerning diners with very good reason - finding wines to complement and enhance the textures, flavours, and cooking styles of food allows us to get the best of both worlds. The flavour of fillet steak, for example, is quite refined and delicate so a full-bodied red wine can easily overwhelm whereas a lighter choice complements and enhances the meat's flavour. With ribeyes and carving joints, the opposite it true - these choices need a full-bodied wine to complement their robust flavours.

Our exclusive wines are unique to the UK market and have been sourced from small European vineyards whose proprietors pride themselves on cultivating and harvesting the 'true' quality of their selected grape varieties. These wines are not available in shops in the UK.

But don't worry - you don't have to be a wine expert to choose the right wine with your meal. We have done that for you! Each Perfect Night In package has suggested wine selections - each a red and white wine to enhance your beef choice - all paired by our in-house wine expert.

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costieres di nimes lapetitecour            Awaiting
 Domaine du Petit Romain
Costieres De Nimes
Domaine Savary De
Beauregard La Petite Cour
Dom. de L'Evêché Pinot Noir Domaine Savary De
Beauregard Picpoul De Pinet
rupe tenuta champagne rose Awaiting
Rupe Bianco Falerio Linea
Colli Ripani
Tenuta Dell' Ugolino
Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi
House of Mandois
Rose' Grande Reserve
House of Mandois
Brut Origine