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  1. If you're as well planned as some of our customers, you may want to take delivery a few days before the important occasion for which you're buying a gift.

    This is entirely possible, thanks to the packaging design.

    It can be opened and the steaks removed to the fridge or even freezer, then re-packed and re-sealed a few days later with no-one else any the wiser.

    So you can take delivery in advance of the occasion, then relax knowing that the gift package is already in your safe keeping.

    That's it for today, except to remind you that gift packages without wine or ale are available and indeed proving popular this year. For the booze-free options, take a look here:

    Alternatively, of course, the steak and ale gift packages are here:

    ...and a varitey of steaks and wine gift options here:

    Season's greetings and best wishes for a happy and successful 2017.

    Yours faithfully

    Phil, the Perfect Night In marketing elf

    [email protected]

  2. The two most powerful words in any language are 'thank you', according to Amy Rees Anderson, a seriously successful entrepreneur (details of her achievements suggesting this advice is worth taking are here:

    "I once read a quote by the ever so brilliant writer known as Anonymous," she writes[1]. "It states, 'People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.'

    "The most powerful tool you have in creating success in your life is to appreciate other people. When you appreciate others you will find that...your career and business will succeed beyond your expectations..."

    Several year ago at an ambitious small PR company, we made a point in December of formally thanking our clients with a modest gift. This job usually fell to me and, because we were quite busy, usually a bit too late. Several times, next day couriers cost more than the gifts themselves.

    If Perfect Night In had been around back then, it would have been the perfect choice. Deliver to work or home address? Yes. Assured delivery date? Yes. Thank you card included? Yes. Too lavish? No. Too much work? Certainly not.

    The last word should go to the formidable Ms Anderson: "If you pay attention for even one day to everyone who could possibly deserve to hear a 'thank you' you will be amazed at the number of opportunities that could be missed in a day if we don’t pay attention. There is never a downside to saying thank you. It can only make your own life and the lives of those around you better."

    Season's greetings and best wishes for a successful 2017.

    Phil the marketing elf

    [email protected]

    [1] Source: viewed Fri 9 Dec 2016. People do business with people they like (Forbes article).

  3. Memo to self: So you want a gift for a near-and-dear this Christmas that is more meaningful than ever before? A good place to start might be with commonplace mistakes, such as:
    1) You buy things that you'd appreciate yourself...assuming/hoping (wrongly) the receiver will too.
    2) You leave it too late, so don't have enough time for planning or considering enough options.
    3) You throw money at the problem in place of thoughtfulness.

    Very simply, if we do the opposites of 2 and 1 in that order, then 3 won't be necessary and there's a much higher probability that our near-and-dear will love their gift. So...
    1) If you haven't done so yet, start planning NOW. Set aside enough time on several occasions to give this the research that your near-and-dear deserves.
    2) Forget what you'd like. Focus on your near-and-dear and be guided by what they like. If we pay attention, there is evidence all around us: Favourite possessions or recent excursions, nerdy hobbies or pastimes, memberships of clubs or societies, or frequently occurring conversation topics. NB To males reading this, I never said it would be easy :-)
    manchefUsing as an example the steak and wine/ale gift packages that we sell, recipients most likely to appreciate them will be enthusiastic carnivores and keen home cooks; eager viewers of Masterchef or Great British Menu or similar; and already at or beyond 'Peak Stuff' in their lives.

    Indeed, we did a survey not long ago and found than many people have at least one near-and-dear for whom it's difficult or impossible to find a suitable gift, because they already have more than enough meaningful possessions.

    On a practical note, if steak and wine or ale is a suitable choice, it is possible to buy nice and early, then freeze the steak until the day you hand it over. The package design makes them easily opened for you to do this, then re-close with the frozen steaks back in place and no-one any the wiser. Just don't forget to put them back!!!

    If you do browse our shop, you'll also find lots of extra goodies in various combinations.

    Whether you buy from us or not, best wishes for successful and appreciated gift selections for your near-and-dear(s) this coming festive season.


    Phil and the other Perfect Night In elves





  4. Who doesn't have this problem from time to time?

    puzzledlookIf you're still reading, chances are this applies to you. And you're not alone.

    We did a survey and found that half of all people questioned said it was difficult or impossible to find a suitable gift for at least one of their nears and dears. Indeed, my grown up kids say it about me, as I do about my better half.

    So here's a challenge, an opportunity to help others solve this problem, and the chance to win a small prize.

    • Please tell us what gift you've bought, and for whom, to solve this problem
    • For the most original suggestion, we'll award a gift package from our shop valued up to £44.99
    • For 10 more participants drawn at random, we'll give a two-pack of delicious, succulent 6oz picanha rump steaks from pasture-reared native breed beef (e.g. Hereford, Aberdeen Angus, Beef Shorthorn, etc).

    All suggestions (except any in dubious taste) will be published here, with the proposer's name if you so choose and a website address if supplied.

    Suggestions can be made...

    • in the comments section below
    • by email to phil[at]
    • via Twitter to @PerfectNightIn1
    • on our Perfect Night In Facebook page

    Winners will be chosen and drawn at 1200h on Friday 28 October. Multiple entries are allowed, so if you have more than one suggestion and send each separately, you multiply your chances of winning.

    yesWith best wishes.



    Standard small print: Judges' decision final. No correspondence. No cash alternative. No purchase necessary. Entries may be edited for publication. Entried deemed unsuitable will not be published, nor included in the draw.