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  1. Two of Prospect Brewery's fabulous ales, Gold Rush and Blinding Light, have been selected to feature in Fathers Day gift packages from

    To celebrate this link up, exclusive to Twitter followers and Facebook friends of Prospect Brewery, The Silver Tally pub, and Wigan Central real ale bar, we are offering you the chance to win a Fathers Day Deluxe gift package (by the way, if you're not already one of their followers/friends, it is OK to sign up now then take part).

    Delivered to the winner's door on or before Friday 17th June, it contains two prime 8oz sirloins steaks from UK native breed pasture reared beef, one bottle each of Gold Rush and Blinding Light, a four-jar set of artisan mustards, and easy-to-follow cooking instructions.

    To take part, all you have to do is retweet or share one or more of the Prospect Brewery, Silver Tally or Wigan Central postings about this competition over the weekend Friday 3rd to 12 noon Monday 6th June. You get an entry in the draw each time you retweet/share. The winner is selected by random draw. No purchase is necessary and there is no alternative cash prize.

    In case you need to look it up, Fathers Day is Sunday 19th June.






  2. PRESS RELEASE: 01 June 2016

    A Lancashire brewer has teamed up with Perfect Night In to rescue Fathers Day from being trampled by the EU referendum. For many dads this year, Fathers Day on Sunday 19 June risks being overshadowed by the EU vote just four days later, according to a new survey.

    Of the two dates, it finds the EU vote rated more important than Fathers Day by a three-to-one majority. Worrying for democracy and dads in similar measure, about one-in-five people say both occasions are unimportant.

    About Fathers Days itself, one-in-three people admit finding it quite or very difficult to find a suitable gift. Among respondents saying very difficult, women outnumber men three-to-one.

    To help grateful offspring of all ages say thank you to dedicated dads, Perfect Night In has teamed up with award-winning Lancashire brewer Patsy Slevin.

    They have created gift hampers matching up prime sirloin or ribeye steaks with bottled pale and golden real ales from Prospect Brewery. A four-pack of artisan mustards can be added. As standard, the gift box contains cooking instructions and a gift card. Delivery is free to the deserving dad's home address.

    Despite the survey's implications for Fathers Day, PerfectNight In founder Kirsty Westaway and brewer Patsy are eager to see the findings in perspective. "Clearly, the EU vote is critical to the country's long term future, whichever way it goes," says Kirsty. "Hopefully, the survey gives us the opportunity to encourage people to take a full part in both occasions."

    The survey was conducted 26-30 May 2016.

  3. Are you among the two-thirds of people who tell us it's quite easy to find a suitable Fathers Day gift, or the one-in-three who say it's either quite or very difficult. Among those who admit difficulty, women outnumber men three-to-one. As a male who is rubbish at choosing suitable gifts and has made many mistakes, I suspect this is because women take much greater care.

    And as a father and grandad myself, I've had mixed fortunes in the past - from a purely selfish point of view - as a recipient of Fathers Day gifts. Like most cliches, this one's true: It's the thought that counts. Indeed, I have great sympathy for my adult children if that are planning to recognise this year's occasion, because there's not much I really need...apart from a Tour de France replica carbon fibre road bike, of course, and to lose 10kg in weight to do it justice.

    Whatever your plans, best wishes in making good choices from...