Personal viewpoint: Fathers Day, Sun 19 June

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Are you among the two-thirds of people who tell us it's quite easy to find a suitable Fathers Day gift, or the one-in-three who say it's either quite or very difficult. Among those who admit difficulty, women outnumber men three-to-one. As a male who is rubbish at choosing suitable gifts and has made many mistakes, I suspect this is because women take much greater care.

And as a father and grandad myself, I've had mixed fortunes in the past - from a purely selfish point of view - as a recipient of Fathers Day gifts. Like most cliches, this one's true: It's the thought that counts. Indeed, I have great sympathy for my adult children if that are planning to recognise this year's occasion, because there's not much I really need...apart from a Tour de France replica carbon fibre road bike, of course, and to lose 10kg in weight to do it justice.

Whatever your plans, best wishes in making good choices from...


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