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If you're as well planned as some of our customers, you may want to take delivery a few days before the important occasion for which you're buying a gift.

This is entirely possible, thanks to the packaging design.

It can be opened and the steaks removed to the fridge or even freezer, then re-packed and re-sealed a few days later with no-one else any the wiser.

So you can take delivery in advance of the occasion, then relax knowing that the gift package is already in your safe keeping.

That's it for today, except to remind you that gift packages without wine or ale are available and indeed proving popular this year. For the booze-free options, take a look here:

Alternatively, of course, the steak and ale gift packages are here:

...and a varitey of steaks and wine gift options here:

Season's greetings and best wishes for a happy and successful 2017.

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