Domaine du Petit Romain Costieres de Nimes

costieres di nimes Domaine du Petit Romain Costieres de Nimes Rhone Valley, France

Petit Romain is a family-based vineyard within the Costieres de Nimes region at the base of the Rhone Valley in southern France. A blend of Syrah and Grenache grape varieties, this prize-winning wine is a rich, ruby red wine with a noticeable forest fruit and cloves aroma. Filling the mouth with red fruit flavours, it lingers to a mellow savoury finish.

Best matched with our sirloin steaks - sirloin has so much flavour and the greatest probable varieties of cooking styles from blue to well done. A youthful, full-bodied wine is suggested to complement the steak in whichever way it is served.