Amazon pics PNI 029  On 170 acres of beautiful Gloucestershire farmland just outside the village of Dymock, Gamage Hall Farm is home to just over 200 head of cattle. We are passionate about rearing and promoting the Aberdeen Angus breed, because in our view it produces the best beef and steak in the world!

Our cattle live outside for as much of the year as possible on lush nutritious pasture. In the winter they are housed in spacious, deep-bedded free range barns and fed hay and silage. As much of the beef as possible for “Perfect Night In” comes from our farm,
 it may be augmented when necessary from other farmers who rear the same type of Aberdeen Angus cattle on exactly the same system to the exact finished product specifications as we do.
Apart from Perfect Night In, the rest of our Angus beef goes into some of the best restaurants and hotels in the UK, where it dazzles and impresses chefs and diners alike. You cannot buy our steaks and joints in any supermarket. We know the love and dedication put into our beef ensures it is among the best in the world!
To prepare our beef for you, we use one of the best restaurant butchers in the UK. Steaks and roasting joints are dry aged for a minimum of 21 days - either on the bone or in whole sirloins or fillets.  It is then generously trimmed and cut, then sealed into specially designed vacuum packs to ensure the best fresh beef. It is our goal that your beef arrives with you at 28 days aged - ideal for Aberdeen Angus steaks and joints.
So your beef is delivered fresh and chilled, ready for your “Perfect Night In”. To expedite an order, we miay choose to send your steaks frozen. If you don't plan to use it within three or four days, it is fine to freeze your beef when it arrives. It will be just as good when defrosted (ideally overnight in the fridge) as when it was delivered. Then one to two hours before cooking, take the beef out of the packaging and allow it to become room temperature before cooking. One hour prior to cooking we recommend you take the beef out of the vacpac and allow it to come to room temperature before cooking.
If you have any questions on our beef, please contact us. We love nothing better than chatting with customers about the best beef in the world!
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